Lemon Powder

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Organic Lemon Powder

Origin: Peru

(NET WT 50g)


Lemon Powder Peruvian is the best organic lemon powder.

Peruvian organic lemons have been used to make Tharah's lemon powder.

Peru is well known for the incredible array and quality of lemons, it is considered some of the best in the world for their consistency, fragrance, flavor, and richness. The process in achieving the powder includes preparing the lemon peels, removing most of the bitter white pith that is attached inside the peel, and then goes through a process of dehydrating until they are completely dry, finally, the lemon peels are grinded into powder. The dehydration process itself takes up to 48 hours.

the lemon powder has been historically used as natural medicine, today it is part of foods and drinks and even for used for skincare treatments.

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