High in antioxidants

Detoxifies the body 

Could increase energy levels 

Supports the immune system

May stimulate metabolism 


High in antioxidants

Contains anti-aging properties

Supports digestions

May increase blood circulation

Helps in memory improvements

Acai berry powder

Enhances the mood

Promotes muscle health

Could improve heart function

High in iron and fibre

Increases concentration levels

Cacao nibs

Supports toxins elimination 

Includes vitamin C

Strengthens the immune system 

Helps in balancing pH levels

Includes potassium 

Lemon powder

High in amino acids

Contains vitamins A and B

High in collagen levels

Anti-inflammatory elements

Supports in detoxing

Alo vera powder

Includes protein

Boosts collagen levels

Improves digestive health

Enhances sleep quality

Stimulates immune system

Goji berries

Matcha Latte

Matcha Pancakes

Acai Bowl

Lemon Cupcakes

Matcha Marble Cake

Goji Berry Energy Balls

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